Turbo-Doc KnowledgeBase and Forum:

  • The knowledge base is managed through a forum that contains articles on how to do various things in Turbo-Doc.  The Section marked KnowledgeBase contains the articles and may be searched categorically by clicking on a category and then clicking on the desired topic.
  • The knowledgebase  may also be searched for keywords  using the search button up at the top right of the screen.
  • Help may be requested by posting a message in the help section of the forum.  In order to post in this and any other section you have a registered username.  To register a username click on the Register button on the top right of the screen. Once you have registered a user name you must be logged in with that username in order to post. If your question is applicable to other users it may be added to the knowledgebase.
  • The Turbo-Doc Forums have been created to aid in Technical Support as well as to allow Turbo-Doc users to discuss Turbo-Doc with each other. Only certain categories allow users to post in them and the rest are locked to only allow articles to be read.  In order to post in these forums you must have a registered user name, which can be obtained by clicking on register on the top right of the forum screen.  You must also ensure that you are logged in with your user name by clicking login on the top right of the screen or using the quick login method.  (Note: Logging in every time you visit will track for you which articles you have and haven't read and which articles are new.) 

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